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Born with an intension of empowering all functional units of the society-that makes-up the civilization, with prior science and permutation of technology, we are SPARK TECHNOMEDIA now availing our various technology and services globally. We aim at providing new, cost-effective and cutting-edge IT infrastructure solutions which are very reliable, resilient and responsive. We have an extensive experience in managing complex IT implementation projects along with the integration of emerging technologies in a dynamic environment.


SPARK provides unique products in different sectors


SPARK Technomedia is an all-rounder in the Information Technology Industry. Today our client-list includes Government Organizations, Schools, Medical Colleges, Engineering Colleges, Banks, Textile Groups, Jewellery Groups, Tele-Shopping Companies, TV Channels, Home Appliance Manufactures, On-line Shopping Companies, Boutiques, Construction Companies and many more complex industries. We gear in pace with the latest technology, consulting, outsourcing and next generation services. We have designed our entire process and products with correspondence to the citizen's command over technology. We always ensure that working with us is a quick, easy and hassle free experience. We look forward to help enterprises from all versions of life to transform and thrive in the fast changing world through solutions including expert strategic consulting, operational leadership, and the co-creation of breakthrough solutions, including those in the areas of SAT, business emails, mobility, sustainability and big data management.


At SPARK Technomedia, we are running with just our mission in minds. Some possible features that carry our team to excel together to our mission are the energy, presence of mind, expertise in our forte, our ethics and values, and the most sensitive of all, love and passion in profession. We expect the same characteristics from every new addition to SPARK Technomedia. Good knowledge and passion in technology can be the key, along with good grades. A dedicated mind will fulfill your career with us. We are looking for the best suit for our new team. If you have realized your talent and passion for technology, this could be your big moment. Try your instincts at,