Digital Learning

Digital learning provides most efficient way of understanding and helps the student growing fast with easy to grasp teaching modules. SPARK Technomedia introducing two brands through our Learning Department. Digi-School and Digi-Campus.

What’s Digi-School

Digi-School is the SMART innovation in the field of education. Digi-School offers an innovative world of teaching, managing, and learning using the digital interactive learning platforms along with cloud based access systems. It’s not a computer based teaching system. But Digi-School is a creative digital solution in the education field making fun for both teachers and students. It’s not just a simple education; it’s a comprehensive digital education network platform.

What’s Digi-Campus

Digi-Campus is the most advanced platform especially designed for institutions which provide Under graduation and Graduation. The system consists 3 major parts to connect Students, institution, and parents with specialized features.

The Worldwide Digital Education

Education worldwide is one of the significant fields to observe the revolutionary changes in the recent times. Digital Education is the cure for this abhorrence of education across the world. With wise coverage over different means of communication, it becomes an instinctive choice to learn even for those residing in the hinterlands. And this is where Digi-School and Digi-Campus offered by SPARK Technomedia comes into play.

Digi-School has made best efforts to take education from the paper to the pixel using the interactive Mobile devices.

As we completing our years of experience, SPARK Technomedia’s Digital Learning products has given a revolutionary change in the traditional ways of teaching and learning with its excellent innovations in the digital space. We keep connection with teachers, parents, and institution administrators to improve the product efficiency by collecting day to day feedback.

Modules inside Digi-School/Digi-Campus

    Student module

  • Interactive digital textbooks
  • Diary & Time tablet
  • Learn from (Audio or Video lectures)
  • Tests (Practice and Periodic tests) and assignments
  • Canvas for practice and notes
  • Student community forums
    • Teacher module

  • Attendance
  • Assignment creating and review
  • Student performance chart and report
  • Learning content creation
  • Interactive textbooks
  • A communication module for teacher to teacher, teacher to student, teacher to parent interaction.
    • Parent module

  • Student Diary
  • Notice board
  • Student performance chart and report.
  • Communication module for teacher to parent interaction.
    • Administration

  • Student management
  • Staff management
  • Time Table management
  • Management level reports
  • Tech Support
  • Notice board and announcements

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    For more details visit: http://digischoolindia.com/