Education is the preparation that is done for the versions of ways life is coming to us. In today’s world this would imply that as each day advances, we need to grow a little more. With complete confidence in our syllabus, why not multiply the output or productivity, just by learning the appropriate and correct methods.
We at SPARK have expertise in providing such a hands-on training of the soft and hard logics of engineering. With this syllabus, prepared under the guidance of a panel of our Department of Education, that proudly has change-makers in their honorable professions. Hence developed is ‘Inspire’
We believe you will find inspire as a celebration of technology for students and faculty.


As a part of our outdoor events for students pursuing technical studies, we are well prepared with ‘inspire’ for you. Register Now


The workshops will be held at authorized centers all across India. A center code will be provided for verifying the authorized centers while registering with us. The entire event will be conducted in the premise of institution (computer labs expected). The workshop will be handled by the engineers of SPARK Technomedia Pvt. Ltd. The duration of the workshop will be 7 hours per day. The workshop will be conducted for a minimum of 60 participants per batch. The resources will be provided to participants during workshop.Participants can learn, interact and clear their doubts with industry experts. The registration will be considered individually per workshop. Registration details and fee will be informed by the coordinator. The participants will get free technical support for 1 year from our team. Participants will be awarded with certificates at the end of the event. The dates of event will be finalized according to the institutions’ feasibility and slots available in our calendar. The details of the centers in connection with ‘sparkinspire’ and event registration will be available on


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Inspire conducted in many campus in different version such as:




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Inspire is an excellent platform for entrepreneurship to get industrial experience


Chance to share the thoughts with highly motivated professional through that you will be get motivated


'Inspire' will be a good opportunity to increase your confidence level to attend any complex technology fast.


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December 10, 2015 /IES College of Engineering

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August 1, 2015/KARPAKAM College of Engineering

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March 3, 2016/SAMBRAM College of Engineering