The products of spark is specially designed for enterprises to stabilize their, operations with high-end features and support. We provide our products with a strong service backup and dedicated technical support to different sectors likeGovernment Organizations, Schools, Medical Colleges, Engineering Colleges, Banks, Textile Groups, Jewellery Groups, Tele-Shopping Companies, TV Channels, Home Appliance Manufactures, On-line Shopping Companies, Boutiques, Construction Companies and many more complex industries. We gear in pace with the latest technology, consulting, outsourcing and next generation services. We have designed our entire process and products with correspondence to the citizen's command over technology. We always ensure that working with us is a quick, easy and hassle free experience.


Our products in enterprise automation sector is called SAT. It is specially design to simplify all the area of an interior information system. Read More


In education sector we designed many products to enhance the learning process of individuals. The products are available in industry including Smart Class System, Smart Book, Mobile Learning, Student Tracking and the following labels; DIGI-School, DIGI-School Mobile, DIGI-Campus.Read More


Spark designed products for automotive sector for vehicle tracking and transport management. The products comes with both hardware and software. It allows remote access. Read More



Our products are designed with latest cutting edge technology to provide high-end features to our client all time.


We always working in an innovative background to provide most available high class features always.


Our R&D team is working always to improve existing features of our products. The research process including automatic error reporting and usage statitics.


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